Melty vs. Fossil Fuels (grey) - Gamer Mousepads

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Who knew-- the fastest growth of clean energy throughout history? It's been with nuclear*! Sweden, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Finland, Lithuania, and Canada all built nuclear fast enough historically that if we were to do it again today, it would be fast enough to clean up the electricity sector by 2050! Another awesome design by Asti Ramdani, who made the OG Melty the Bear shirt three years ago, and all the art for Stand up for Nuclear. Enjoy it!

*If we ignore Norway and their crazy hydro buildout because what other country has a fjord every 5 feet they can dam?

This practical, non slip mousepad is a necessary addition to your gaming station set up. It features a soft polyester top and a non-skid natural rubber backing, as well as a black sewn edges for a nice finishing touch.